Islamophobic Canards

breaking the stereotypes

Myth list

This is the To-Do list. Islamophobic canards that I have yet to debunk on this site. Each one of these items is a false stereotype that routinely gets dragged out in any religious or political argument online or offline. As more articles are added, they’ll get linked to this expanding list. Did I miss any? Want to help me write some debunkings? Contact me.

  • Islam is barbaric, archaic, and irrational
  • Islam was spread by the sword
  • Muslims are commanded to be terrorists
  • Muslims teach their children to hate
  • All terrorists are Muslim
  • Terrorists are promised 72 virgins when they die
  • The Quran says Raisins not virgins
  • Muslims never condemn terrorism or Bin Laden etc.
  • Muslims cheered on 9/11
  • Suicide bombing is halal
  • Peaceful Muslims are disobeying the religion
  • Muslims can’t take criticism unlike other religions
  • Muslims cut people’s hands off
  • Muslims stone people
  • Non-Muslims are second-class citizens
  • Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a warmonger
Relations with the West:

  • Muslims hate America
  • Muslims hate the West
  • Muslims want America to become Muslim or die
  • Muslims want to force everyone to obey Sharia
  • Muslims want to get rid of pork and alcohol in America
  • Muslims are working hard to overpopulate the West and overrun it demographically
Relations with Jews:
  • Muslims are commanded to hate Jews
  • Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) murdered hundreds of Jews
  • Islam and Judaism have nothing in common
  • Islam/Quran calls Jews apes and pigs
  • Muslims don’t allow Jews in Muslim countries
Relations with Christians:

  • Islam is unlike Christianity
  • Muslims dishonor Jesus
  • Muslims hate the Pope
  • Muslims hate/kill Christians
  • Muslims copied their religion from Christianity
  • Relations with non-Muslims:
  • Muslims are allowed to lie to non-Muslims
  • Muslims believe in Convert or Die.
  • Muslims aren’t allowed to touch nonbelievers
  • Muslims hate women
  • Muslims allow domestic violence
  • Muslims force women to wear burqas
  • Muslims sell their daughters
  • Muslims circumcise women
  • Muslims do honor killings
  • Muslims use child brides
  • Muslims don’t want women to drive
  • Muslims believe women are inferior to men
  • Muslims don’t punish rape, or only punish the victims
  • Women’s testimony has half the value of a man’s
  • Muslims are allowed to do pedophilia
  • Muslims stone women for immodesty


  • The Quran copies the Bible
  • The Quran has been changed
  • Muslims do slavery
  • Muslims are commanded to go to war
  • Muslims break treaties
  • The more religious a Muslim is, the more violent he/she is
  • Muslims believe in a moon god.
  • Muslims do taqiyya
  • Muslims go to hell for touching pork
  • Muslims kill apostates
  • Muslims control the UN
  • Muslims want Israel annihilated
  • Muslim leaders don’t condemn terrorism
  • Muslims are like the mafia
  • American Muslims are secretly aligned with overseas terrorists
  • American Muslims are disloyal
  • Muslims are cab drivers
  • Muslims aren’t really American
  • Islam is a political ideology and not a religion
  • Mosques preach violence
  • All Mosques are run/funded by Wahhabis
  • Muslims contribute nothing to science or civilization
  • Muslim leaders talk peace in English and war in Arabic
  • Muslims don’t cooperate with police/FBI
  • Muslims don’t turn other Muslims in
  • All Muslims are Arab
  • All Arabs are Muslim
  • Islam is monolithic
  • Muslims are dishonest
  • Muslims wear turbans
  • Muslims fear dogs
Some helpful sites to get the process started:

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