Islamophobic Canards

breaking the stereotypes


Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem,

I’ve been involved in so many discussions with other Americans about Muslims, and I’m struck by how many weird stereotypes I keep hearing. Some are from bad Hollywood movies and the cartoonish villains inside them, and some are from chain letter emails citing false sources, and others are just a mystery. I keep running into the same arguments, and I wind up having to debunk the same things over and over. It’s like I should just copy-paste my responses since it’s the same old stuff repeatedly.

A canard is an unfounded or false, deliberately misleading fabrication. The word is often used to describe the various anti-Semitic myths about Jews, for example. What’s shocking is that today we see so many people invoking these age-old canards; even leaders, TV personalities, and intelligent people who should know better. It’s a shame that such canards exist in this day and age, and just as the Jewish community has worked hard to dispel such myths about themselves, I intend to do the same for Muslims. This will be a very difficult job, and I hope my small blog is a starting point. Please help me, in any way you can.

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–Sulayman As-Suqali.

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